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I.       Confusion,
All is closing in ,

Beyond the grey gloom,
Shuttered windows trap the light
And I

cannot breathe

Stale confines chokes the life
the shrouded wraith

refuses to let me from its grasp,

Peering through one eye in focus

I cannot see the sun.

Bodice of metal shrapnel
cuts to the bone,

hanging by metal cord

upside down and weightless

I cannot see you anymore.

II .      Alone

is my  highway,
here there are no road signs
no welcome sign to guide the way,
just the rundown
peeling of paint,
broken windows,
rusty metal gate, swinging in wind

doors falling from hinges

ceiling cracking and caving in

no more salvation

every dog had its day

three minutes to midnight

and is bone tired weary

Fetch. leap. sit

Moan for the death of nothing.

III      We are alone in this life..

And the struggle is almost too much to climb through
Wading through the mire of misconceptions
Tired of the theology
of misbegotten dreams of desolate angels wing
Failure is eminent front
with woebegotten charm
waiting for us to fall.

Haggard is the sentinel
leading the way
we have no choice but to trod
weaving and dodging
the muck thrown by latter day saints and sinners
there are no heroes sent to save you
just the long road
past redemption

There are no more heroes

His hands were cut away

And buried in an unmarked grave,

We cannot find.


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